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Fill in the form below with your business information to setup your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA). Once finalized, you will receive an email with instructions to verify your business and your phone number. 

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Where to find your Facebook Business Manager ID.

Login to your tyntec account and copy the name of the API key name that will be associated with this WhatsApp Business Account. Check our FAQs to read where you can find your API key name in your tyntec account. If you don’t have a tyntec account yet, sign up for free.

Enter the phone number that should be associated with your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA). View our documentation to see the types of phone numbers that are currently supported. If you want to migrate a phone number from the WhatsApp Business App, please view the guideline for this. This phone number can only be used via our API when the registration has been completed and stops being available within the WhatsApp app.

Please let us know if you're opting only for the API or also for the Support Inbox (includes additional costs).

Enter the secure URL (https) on which you want to receive incoming messages from the WhatsApp Business API.

Enter the secure URL (https) on which you want to receive delivery notifications from the WhatsApp Business API.

Enter the name as it will be displayed to your users on WhatsApp. Note that it cannot be changed at a later point in time. View the guideline for more details.

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