WhatsApp Business API

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As part of the process, access to the WhatsApp Business API requires approval by WhatsApp. Fill out the form to submit your access request and we will get in touch with you. If you need more information beforehand – feel free to book a demo session with us to see WhatsApp in action.

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To find your Facebook Business Manager ID or to create it if you don't already have one, please please follow these instructions.

Login to your Business Center and provide the tyntec API Key name that should have access to this WABA. If you do not have an account please sign up with tyntec.

Enter the phone number you want to use for your WhatsApp Business Account. You can only use a number that is currently not registered with WhatsApp. If you want to migrate a phone number from the WhatsApp Business App, please view the guideline for this.

Provide the name as it will be displayed within WhatsApp for the End User. It cannot be changed later. View the guideline for more details.

This is the status text displayed in your profile on WhatsApp. (max 139 characters)

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Street, house number, zip code, city, state (max 256 characters)

Public contact email for your business (max 128 characters)

Public URLs for your website, Instagram, Facebook profile, etc. (max 256 characters)

(minimum 500px, x 500px, recommended 640px x 640px, max 5 MB) Image should be squared, otherwise it will be cropped by WhatsApp. If you cannot host the image on your own server you can upload it to a picture hosting service like imgur.com

We’ll always treat your data with the utmost care, and you can find the details in our Data Privacy and Protection statement.